The wagon of Toyota is splendid

The aerotourer made a dress-up by hand of TOYOTA MODELLISTA INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION was set on a wagon. The base is wagon DX, but the comfortable equipment such as colored races bumper, aeroparts and an optional power window or the wireless door lock is equipped with and do not feel an image "to make it one that it is very plain and is rustic other than the minimum function and equipment" that is common among commercial vehicles. By the way, it is carry-on registration.
The ambulance which omitted new Himedic which raised the amount of room at export specifications car-based both sides slide door of the 200 system Toyota Hiace wide supermarket long shot high roof shape that there is not of the setting of the right slide door out of Japan in 2006 and a vibration absorption bed is an appearance.
Tokyo auto show exhibits a camper special equipment car of it-based room high 1,900mm, and becoming it examines marketing depending on a reaction. As for the engine, as for having been equipped, first a 2TR-FE type engine of inline four-cylinder 2.7L of the public sale same as a wide or super long car same as a stock car and come to it-based in a high-standard ambulance of Toyota.
I change the shape of all car front desk grills of it in 2007. Super GL (van), grand cabin (wagon), GL (a wagon and commuter) changed the seat epidermis.