Dyna of Toyota where the history is deep

If it is said that it runs through the top of the car maker, is it not Toyota?
It announces the very attractive car model, and it is Dyna that the history is above all old.
This becomes the trademark of small size, the medium-sized truck.
What is handled features a wide lineup to the use of people to use.
For example, it is an engine, but there are diesel and gasoline.
The hybrid for the person who wants to consider environment is had recently.
I may say small size, a medium-sized truck, and most of one to use are business.
Therefore it becomes the load capacity to be interested by all means.
The maximum load capacity is 3 tons in 1 ton and 2 tons, others.
I can choose this to a use, too.
Mileage efficiency rises as a refinement now for the sold eighth generation.
Because many users expected it for mileage improvement when I used a commercial vehicle, I realized further mileage improvement.
In addition, the transmission has the sixth speed and the fifth-speed manual.
By the way, the automatic is the sixth speed.
Because the idling stop function is equipped with, I can perform ecodrive.
Because it is the wide view mirror which can look at the vehicle well, it is safer.